Rosalie Brown

intuitive coach rosalie brown
illuminator. encourager. dog wrangler.

I’m an empowerment ignitor, helping to illuminate your path, connecting you to your purpose, passion and power.

After giving more than 5,000 psychic readings, a pattern came into focus. My passion for empowering clients, and my ability to get to the heart of the situation made it clear – my soul’s mission was to help others connect with their purpose.

Using a combination of intuitive guidance and soul coaching, I assist you in identifying barriers, growing past them, showing up as your authentic self, and intentionally charting the path forward. Coming into alignment allows you to experience more joy, enthusiasm, and passion than ever before.

I’m living my best life, an expression of Spirit and gratitude, in beautiful Los Angeles. When not with clients, I am exploring, hiking, people watching, writing, and embracing my true unicorn-ness, with family, friends, and my sweet and unruly pooch.

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