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The Power of Authenticity

Remember, above all, you belong to YOU. I had an experience last night that brought this truth right back to my consciousness. We spend so much time, because we are tribal in nature, doing our best to either fit in, or pull our tribe closer. We feel safer, more real, more alive, when we are …

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What Does Awakening Look Like?

I spent the first half of my professional life making others look good. Always putting them in the spotlight, coining a perfect phrase for whatever issue was coming up – a logistics issue, an organizational talking point, an on-the-fly media interview.  That, coupled with my ability to read people’s energy, I can spot a lotta …

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Staying Tied to Your Story

The details. The narrative. Where you’ve been.  Staying tied to where you are, the why, the who, the how come…these are the reasons for struggle. What do I mean? I give readings to wonderful people from around the world, on a regular basis. The biggest challenge between getting from where you stand right now, to …

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The Magic is In YOU

I love, love, love giving readings and bringing through messages for people who are looking for some guidance. I am only the vehicle in which the message comes through — it’s your guides and spirit team who are providing the information. It’s always an honor for me, and I am personally impacted by every reading …

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Sick of the B#llsh*t!

You ever have those days where you are just sick of the bullshit?! All of it. The crazy stuff people try and make you responsible for ~ the insanity in the news ~ the lies you tell yourself?!  Yep, that’s all bullshit and I’m OVERRRR IT! The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’re …

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Fall in Love with Life: 4 Easy Steps

Ready to spend about 10 minutes to transform your life? Yep, it’s that simple. Follow along, my friend: Step 1)  Take 3 minutes. Write down EVERYTHING you appreciate and feel gratitude for RIGHT NOW. Just three minutes, and don’t even edit that sucker. Step 2) Focus on your breathing. Most of us breath in a very shallow, …

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