change your thoughts change your life

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

My clients usually seek me out for spirit communication on three topics: money, love, career. While it can be nice to get a heads up that “everything is going to be OK,” or to discover your challenge is just temporary, there is a bigger underlying issue that isn’t addressed with a “thumbs up” from your spiritual practitioner.

Your repeated thoughts create a belief. Your beliefs shape how you experience every aspect of your human experience.

I understand that your thoughts don’t make your boss the jerk that he is, however…your underlying belief, created from thoughts, that going to work is a form of punishment, draws into your existence those people and experiences that will match your thought. Then your belief is solidified from the experience.

Convinced that falling in love is something that happens to other people? Guess what? You’re going to prove yourself right, by setting up your life and the circumstances that prove the underlying thought is the truth.

What if you could suspend the programming that you’ve been unconsciously subscribing to and transmitting for years and years? Do you know what would happen if you would hit the pause button, and questioned the limiting belief?  It would begin to evaporate.

And when it begins to evaporate, do you know what happens next? The experiences that have come into your life to keep your belief solidly and firmly in place, begin to evaporate as well.

This process doesn’t happen in one session, one meditation, one day. It is a process that you commit to, and you will see the slow and gradual progression of the needle moving in your favor.

You are THAT powerful. Your thoughts and vibration and intentions have created the container in which you live. If you are dissatisfied with the house you’ve built, start to dismantle it, one underlying belief at a time.

You do this by pulling back the curtain, accepting responsibility for your complicity in the entire process, and then you start to build it better. That’s right – none of us get out of our situations if we are unwilling to take responsibility and make intentional changes. There is no magic pill. My darling, YOU ARE THE MAGIC.

Rosalie Brown

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