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Fall in Love with Life: 4 Easy Steps

Ready to spend about 10 minutes to transform your life? Yep, it’s that simple. Follow along, my friend:

Step 1)  Take 3 minutes. Write down EVERYTHING you appreciate and feel gratitude for RIGHT NOW. Just three minutes, and don’t even edit that sucker.

Step 2) Focus on your breathing. Most of us breath in a very shallow, perfunctory way. Take just 3 minutes more and breathe DEEPLY, inhaling up through, and filling your diaphragm, and then pushing the air all the way out of your lungs. Completely. Repeat, close your eyes, and just be as you do this for about 3 minutes or so…

Step 3) Say a life affirming mantra, aloud. Then, write it down, at the bottom of your gratitude list. Repeat it aloud, and then finish with “And, so it is!” Your mantra could be something like “The Universe is always conspiring in my favor” or “All my needs are met at all times,” or “I welcome the abundance that is on its way to me.”

Step 4) Visualize yourself experiencing your version of a “perfect” day. That could include a walk on the beach, dinner with dear friends, hugs and cuddles with your children. Whatever a perfect day “feels” like to you.

Your brain doesn’t distinguish between what has actually happened, and what you wish to have happened; it simply releases those delightful serotonin molecules to match those happy thoughts.

If you will commit to setting aside just 10 minutes, and following those 4 steps, I am willing to bet you a spiced chai latte (non-fat, no foam, no water), that you’ll experience an immense shift, not only in your mindset, but in your results.

Much love and abundance headed your way, my friend! 🙂

Rosalie Brown

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