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The Eight Minute Rule

Ever feel like things are falling apart? Or maybe you realize you’ve got some healing to do? How can we have this human experience and NOT feel like that from time to time? When you’re empathic and pick up on the energy around  you, it’s even more critical that you keep your vibe from a serious downward spiral…because it can happen whether it’s your stuff, or not. And then it can be really tricky to pull your vibe back up.  Say it with me, “energy is everything!”

I’ve been known to have some really bad days, and just because I’m spiritual and give psychic readings and intuitive trainings, doesn’t somehow shield me from the yucky stuff. My ex would say really insensitive things like, “if you’re such a great psychic, how come you didn’t see this coming?” (Doesn’t work like that, idiota! Oops, I mean “love and light! Idiota!”)

So if you’re feeling blue or reflecting on something that needs to be healed, allow me to offer the method I call “The Eight Minute Rule.”

Allow yourself 8 minutes, and only 8 minutes, to look at that thing. The thing that needs healing. The thing that challenges you, pushes your buttons, is cluttering up your brain waves and harshing your ability to feel gratitude. Set a timer for 8 minutes, and allow yourself to write down every damn thing about the situation that is distressing you. It could be a letter to your ex, your kid, your boss, your friend…it could be random journaling, it could be automatic writing.  You might choose to work it over in your mind, without paper and pen.

The goal is  – to examine, shine light, and process so you can de-energize the sting, the pain, the discomfort. All the while, you’ve got just 8 minutes, so you know you are just visiting. You’re visiting the mess, the pain, the discomfort. You’re not going to set up camp and stay there past curfew.  This is a time limited exercise that allows you to feel empowered in your process.

Once your 8 minutes is up, you put that in a box. The box can be in your mind, or an actual box. You’re not going to reach for that box again until the next day, when you have 8 minutes again. Just 8 minutes.  Every time you feel your mind wandering back to that thing, envision your box, with a lock on it.  Remind yourself you’ve already put in your 8 minutes, and you don’t get to return again until tomorrow.

This is one way for you to unpack and deal with trauma. It’s not the only way. But it keeps things from becoming too overwhelming. Unpack, visit, then pack it back up until tomorrow.  Shine that light for a while, then move the light to something else. Something lighter! (No pun intended)

To be clear: this is NOT meant to take the place of therapy if you determine you need professional help. This strategy is most effective when you’re obsessing over a situation or a person.  Our minds are so very powerful, and even with the best intentions, it’s easy to have your inner voice take over and start leading you down the path of bummed out.  See if giving it just 8 minutes doesn’t help to de-energize it. Gradually, you won’t need or want 8 minutes, you’ll be fine with 5 minutes, then 3 minutes…and eventually it’s not taking up space in your life.

Let me know if you need help or support on this journey!

Rosalie Brown

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