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The Power of Authenticity

Remember, above all, you belong to YOU.

I had an experience last night that brought this truth right back to my consciousness. We spend so much time, because we are tribal in nature, doing our best to either fit in, or pull our tribe closer. We feel safer, more real, more alive, when we are surrounded by those who vibe like us. But what can get lost in this, is our own true identity.

You are whole, complete, and amazing…all on your own. And while you may be a member of a community, a family, a tribe, you are also a single, complete and whole being. You get to decide your own value, and your worth isn’t reliant on anyone else’s perception of you.

Perhaps most importantly, what is YOUR perception of you? Are you willing to compromise your values or what you want, in order to make someone else feel better about themselves?

I had a client say to me this past week, “I’m tired of lighting myself on fire to keep others warm.” Damn if that didn’t stick with me. Brilliant. True. And often forgotten.

I am an autonomous person all unto myself. My value comes from within, not what I do, say, who I know, how much money I make, how much fame I achieve. People might confuse that their idea of me is supposed to manipulate my behavior or how I experience myself. They’d be wrong.

I decide who gets to be in my bubble. I decide who gets to make an energetic imprint on my life. And I decide who is worth my time and attention.

Know this to be true about yourself. It’s a cornerstone on your important and vital journey toward full authenticity.

If you sometimes forget this – we all do, simply call your focus to the present moment, breathe with intention and feel your energy vibrate through each of your chakras. It will only take a moment, and you’ll feel yourself able to stand tall, strong, and proud.

You belong to YOU.

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