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How am I different than other coaches?

First, I’m not going to sell you, don’t worry.  This is the primary reason I don’t offer discovery calls, because I’m not selling a “program” that lasts 6 weeks to 6 months. I am not one of the those coaches who bought a generic coaching package, and then branded it as my own. There is no mass marketed curriculum with my little logo in the corner.

Secondly, I’m compassionately focused on being real, being present, and holding space for you to explore new ideas and concepts. I’ll also shine light for you, when you need it. 

I’m gratefully living my authentic life and allowing my soul to take the lead.  I am not here to get the limelight or put myself on stage. What I’m here to do is what I’m damn good at – illuminating the path for those who are curious and enthusiastic about leveling up in their own lives.

As mentioned previously, I  don’t lock you into coaching packages. Our sessions are as-you-go, as you feel called to schedule, as you like. I’m not going to sell you fancy workbooks or use other people’s material as my own.  Every person is on a unique path, and the best ways forward for each of us looks different. 

We’ll share some intellectual, spiritual and emotional intimacy, and have amazing sessions that invite you to step into who you truly are.

I also won’t be working with you for the next 10, 30, or 52 weeks. Our time together will go on for as long as you feel like you need it.  We’re not meant to be in  coaching  relationships long term.  The purpose of life is to take some from this pile, grab some from over there, build your personal arsenal of influence, information, and experience, and put the puzzle pieces together. 

I can promise you, that you’ll get what you need, and you’ll have every opportunity to glow up.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes, over Zoom, at $120 per session. Pay when you schedule, and the details of the Zoom room and passcode are emailed to you after your reservation. 

How is coaching different than counseling?

The biggest difference between coaching and counseling may be the outcomes and approach, but certainly, coaches are not dispensing therapy or mental health services.  Coaches DO help hold the space for you, while they mirror back for you the issues and barriers that are shaping your current reality.

Coaches are meant to offer clarity, illumination, and strategies that enable you to see your life as it CAN be, not necessarily focus on how it is in the present moment.  While therapy and coaching are both based in a certain level of emotional intimacy and vulnerability, coaching sessions are more goal focused than emotionally healing focused. The by-product of living your best life with boldness and authenticity, however, will provide amazing levels of healing and expansion.

So how is Soul Goals Coaching different than other programs?

Specifically, me.  I’m not just a Confidence Curator, I’m also a seasoned intuitive psychic, which allows me to bring in spiritual communication, a new perspective.   Information, energy, and messages flow to me, for your best and highest good. This assistance allows us to get right to the heart of the matter, quickly, and to get insight on areas of opportunity and expansion.

It makes our work flow quickly, and often uncovers the habits or thinking-feeling loops that have been acting as challenges on your journey. Sessions are most often a mix of psychic reading and discovery, with coaching and resources, and the take-aways that you can put into practice right away, to step into your soul’s purpose and begin feeling connected and passionate about life, again.


fall in love with your life

Here's an example of the feedback I receive regularly...

“She is literally the f**king I’m new to the psychic game and she literally was so authentic and down to earth about it. Identified what I was feeling and explained it in a way that wasn’t ending in the heavens opening up and archangel coming down in bright light from the sky.

Such a breath of fresh air in this industry. Her energy was extremely badass and she was practical with her advice so you could actually achieve something with your gifts.  If you see this, Joan Jett has nothing on you!”

– G, Vancouver


“You somehow help me to see where I am not showing up for myself, but not in a way that I feel shame; it’s more like through our work together I get more curious, and more curious.

I’m definitely feeling more confident, more appreciative of myself, and even seeing how some of my challenges were invitations to step it up, and step into my power. Very rewarding.”

– EV, Los Angeles

“I want you to know, since we talked the first time, my life has changed. No just a little, but significantly.

You might hear this a lot, but I mean like my life is completely different. My relationship with my kids, my husband, my friends (and now not friends) and how I deal with family, have all completely changed.

I feel compelled to share this – and how it relates to my art. I don’t plan to tell my whole story just yet, but there are bits and pieces I definitely want to share. At some point, I’m certain the rest will find its way out.

You have been the catalyst for this and I just want to be sure to give you the credit that you most obviously deserve.

I don’t know how I survived before this! Thank you!”

– SC, Texas

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